Pen-to-Paper Journalling is the result of visionary, Leona j Daniels. She is a journal advocate who credits journaling with making her content, creative, a better mom, partner and teacher.

I am incredibly proud to say that she is my mother and that I did indeed grow up watching her journal. I was inspired to begin my own journaling journey at a young age and have witnessed firsthand the benefits. I now have the great privledge of working of alongside my mom and her partner on this mission. We strive to help all people grow intellectually, physically, emotionally and spiritually through the process of putting pen-to-paper.

I have created this blog to coincide with th pen-to-paper website. I have come to recognize the parallels between blogging and journaling. Here you will be able to read my thoughts on different topics relevent to journaling as pen-to-paper continues to grow and blossom. Passions are stirring and I truly believe that a journaling revolution is upon us. Society and people are so focused on getting their lives just right so it is time to pull out our pens and paper and just write.

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Thursday, May 5, 2011


One of the reasons why I love journaling so much is that it allows me to document my life. I'm not documenting for anyone else... just for me. To me it's a value-statement. I am saying to myself that my life is worth documenting. I like to be able to offer myself that sense of validation.

It seems that I inadvertently took a break from blogging. That is because I inadvertently took a break from journaling. My grandma passed away in early March. I have never had to deal with the death of someone who was so close to me and it's been really hard. I know that a journal can be an excellent place to turn when things are hard but I just couldn't bring myself to do it. I guess I was afraid...  afraid of admitting what was going on, afraid of moving forward, afraid of my emotions.... But then one day I took out my pen and I wrote about what was going on. I wrote about how I was feeling. And yes, it was hard. But documenting and validating my grief has been a good experience. It is helping me to learn how to adjust to life. Initially it was all so overwhelming; knowing that one day my grandma will have been gone for a month, then two months, and one day it'll be a year, and then two years... I did not know how to deal with that. And honestly, I still don't. But as time goes on I am dealing. And journaling has played an important role, for which I am thankful.